Celebrate the Royal Wedding this Friday & Saturday!

Ladies, cheer up! While we may all be a tad broken-hearted because Harry didn’t pick us, we feel it very much necessary to celebrate him finding the love of his life. That’s right, the day is almost upon us. Hats & tissues at the ready, the event that we’ve all been looking forward to is finally happening this weekend! What will Meghan be wearing, will Harry shed a tear…?

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are officially getting married on Saturday 19th of May, however we thought we could start the celebration a day early & have created two limited edition shots “Ginger Prince” & “Meghan’s Lucky Night Out” just for this occasion! Priced just for £6 each or £10 when bought together.


Don’t miss out & raise a shot or two for young couples & may they live a long, happy & healthy life together!

Available this Friday & Saturday from 12pm to 11pm.